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Bottle-Free Water

A virtually unlimited supply of high quality drinking water.

Culligan is proud to introduce our new line of Bottle-Free Drinking Water Coolers. Your business can eliminate those weekly bottle deliveries. Eliminate the mess and the hassle of having to store and change those heavy 5-gallon water bottles.

We are the local water experts. Ask us how we can deliver, great tasting, high quality drinking water without the mess and hassle of bottles.

Bottle-Free Drinking Water Coolers

Get out of the bottle storage business. Space costs money. Put yours to better use. Save as much as 50%. Culligan bottle-free water coolers start at less than $1 per day. Reduce our reliance on oil. Making bottles for American consumers uses 17 million barrels of oil a year. Transporting those bottles uses even more fuel.

At Culligan, Great Water is all about Great Filtration. Our specialty filters, like the Total Defense Cartridge deliver a Culligan standard no other system can beat. And with 14 interchangeable filters, Culligan can provide an array of combinations that will precisely treat your water needs.

We know your water.

  • Patented Culligan filtration system produces unsurpassed water quality.
  • Offering technologies such as BioCote®, and UV light can reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Our specialty filters like the Total Defense Cartridge deliver a Culligan standard no other system can beat.

Proactive service

  • Our water coolers are hands-off, and maintenance-free. Culligan automatically changes your filter and sanitizes your unit every year.
  • We have the most comprehensive service network. From around the world to around the corner our local dealers are there in case you ever have a problem or concern.