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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I do business with Culligan?

Culligan has been the #1 water expert for over 75 years now. If you are around that long you must be doing something right. Our customers rate us #1 for their water purification needs.

What makes Culligan service 5-stars……. Culligan is a IBWA certified water dealer, that means we go above and beyond the industry standards to ensure you get the best tasting water available.

Competitors come and go, Culligan is here to stay. We also offer Bottle-Free Cooler systems that make great tasting water but without the bottles. We are confident you will love our service and our drivers are always prompt, friendly and here to service your needs.

What is soft water? And what do drinking water systems do? What is the difference between both of them and do I need one or the other or both?

Soft water is water free from mineral deposits. Don’t worry they are not the kind of minerals that are what you need in your diet. We are talking about calcium and lime. It’s the stuff you see built up on your shower walls, the fading on your glassware and what clogs up your pipes in your home.

Once you get rid of the hardness in your water you can use way less soap, hair is softer, and skin is less dry. A drinking water system makes the same water you see from those Culligan machines you see in the grocery store. But instead of lugging around a big bottle, carrying it out to your car and hauling it inside your home you can just make it right from a spout on your sink. We do both rental system, purchase or rent with option to buy, your choice.

What about those SALT-less water softeners I have been hearing about?

If those things really worked Culligan would be making them. The fact is that they DO NOT remove hardness from your water. If you go to their website and look for the fine print you will see where they say that their unit does not remove dissolved minerals.

The only way to remove calcium and lime is to use ionic resin featured in a water softener. Sorry folks but it’s true. Call Culligan or any water treatment company and they will tell you the same thing. Believe us if they really did work we would sell them too.

I want to know more info but I don’t want a pushy salesperson in my home or have someone telemarketing me.

Culligan has been around way too long to play those games with people. We are straight shooters and will tell you what you want to know without a long drawn out sales pitch or a pushy salesperson twisting your arm. However, to truly know what equipment you need it’s best we test your water.

When we do a water test we look for what your TDS is (total dissolved solids), GPG (grains per gallon or how hard your water is) and what size your pipes are. It is also important we see where your water system will be installed because sometimes it’s a very simple job, other times it takes a lot of work.

If you want to talk with one of our water professionals please feel free to call or make an internet inquiry. We can get back with you at any time that is good for you…days, nights, weekends…your choice.

What causes hard water, and how does hard water affect my home?

Hard water has a high mineral content, mainly collected as groundwater travels to your home.
While not harmful to your health or for drinking, many aspects of hard water are less desirable.

One notable aspect is scale build-up – the chalky substance that collects around faucets or showerheads. Not only is this damaging to your appliances, but it can also clog pipes.
Another symptom of hard water is soap that doesn’t lather well, as well as the film the mineral deposits can leave on your items. If you noticed your clothes look dingy after washing, that’s a result of calcium and magnesium left behind.

Even your style can be cramped by hard water – it will leave hair duller and more prone to breakage. The film left on the skin can cause dryness and irritation.