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Future of Your Water

Did you know less than 3% of the worlds water is water suitable for drinking? Each year our water supplies become more stressed, cities are continually expanding yet the city water treatment systems are becoming overloaded with materials they were never intended to deal with. For example, what do most people do when they have expired medicine they don’t use? They flush it down the toilet! All those pharmaceuticals get in our water supply and eventually have to be taken out. The same goes for pesticides, herbicides and other water impurities that can be challenging to remove from your drinking water. There is an old saying “You can filter your water, or YOU can be the filter” Regardless of what happens to our water supply you can count on Culligan of Santa Rosa to always be there for all your water purification needs. Eventually there will come a time when almost every household will have some type of water purification device. We feel that it is always better to be be ahead of the curve rather than scrambling to fix it later. When you think about it there is really no downside to having a water purification system in your home or office, it just makes good sense.