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Residential: At Home with Culligan Water

Spend less time cleaning and stop wasting money on dishwashing detergents, hair shampoo, and household cleaners.

Culligan Water of Sonoma County provides a great selection of water softeners and home water filtration systems in a variety of sizes to remove hardness, odors, and undesired tastes from water in your home. At Culligan, taking care of your water problems is our specialty. We offer a FREE “in home” test of your water supply. After your water analysis, your local Culligan Man will tell you which water treatment equipment will best meet your needs.

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Benefits of a Culligan water system in your home or office:

  • Cleaner hair and skin after showering or bathing! Itchy, dry and red skin caused by hard water will be a thing of the past!
  • Easier Cleaning: Say goodbye to stains, soap scum, bathtub rings, and film on shower walls and doors.
  • Cleaner & Brighter Wash: Be done with hard water soap residue left in fabrics that causes staining of clothing.
  • Spend up to 75 percent less on household detergents, cleaners, soaps and lotions.
  • Save Energy: Soft water reduces scaling in pipes, making appliances more efficient and reducing energy use.
  • Sparkling Fixtures & Dishes: Do away with hard water spots!
  • Brighter whites and colors!


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