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Water Softeners

Once you experience life with a Culligan water softener, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

The soft, treated, conditioned water you get from a Culligan water softener will make life easier all around your house. With soft, Culligan water you will notice a dramatic difference everywhere you use water.

Softeners take out the dissolved solids that can clog your pipes, leave spots on your glasses, and dry your hair and skin, but you may want the water your family drinks to have even less contaminants like lead, chlorine and arsenic.

With over 70 years of experience in water treatment, Culligan water softeners set the standard in water treatment technology.

Culligan HE Water Softener

For high-efficiency water softening, nothing can match the intelligent design of the Culligan HE. With patented technologies to optimize salt, water and electricity consumption by up to 46%*, it can save you money. Even better, it can improve your daily life. Enjoy fresher laundry and spotless glasses. Do less cleaning and scrubbing. Increase water heater efficiency. And more.




Culligan Platinum Plus Series Water Softener

The Culligan Platinum Plus Series represents the very finest in Culligan water softening technology. Offering the largest capacity and most powerful water flow available, the Platinum Plus Series is an ideal choice for large homes and families with increased soft water needs. This advanced technology delivers an unmatched level of efficiency, without sacrificing capacity.




Culligan Gold Series

Our Gold Series Water Softener is the perfect choice for most households looking to improve their home with soft, Culligan water. Thanks to its full range of innovative features and design, the Gold Series can be customized to suit your household’s unique water needs. So no matter what hard water problems you face, the Gold Series is the right solution for soft, Culligan water for your home.




With soft, Culligan water you will notice a dramatic difference everywhere you use water:

  • Tubs, showers and shower doors are no longer covered in soap scum
  • Sinks and faucets are cleaner with little or no scale buildup
  • Keeping your house clean is easier, and takes much less time and effort
  • Clothes are cleaner and brighter
  • Clothes, linens and towels are much softer to the touch
  • Skin is smoother and hair is silkier and bouncier
  • Appliances work more efficiently and last longer
  • Rust and dirty water stains are virtually eliminated
  • Pipes are clearer with less corrosive elements and free of scale buildup
  • You entire home uses less detergent and soap, saving you money and helping the environment