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Why You Should Test Your Well Water Regularly

In the United States and Canada, millions of people rely on well water systems for drinking water and for other household uses. Because private wells are not regulated in the same way as municipal water systems, those who use them are responsible for ensuring that their water supply is safe. As such, many public agencies […]

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How is Water Hardness Measured?

If you’ve noticed signs of hard water in your home, like buildup on plumbing fixtures, soap scum on shower doors or difficulty producing a lather, you may be wondering just how hard your water is. Measuring water hardness can help you determine what kind of water softener will best meet your needs. To prepare for […]

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Tap Water Filter vs Reverse Osmosis Water

Tap water is used for a wide variety of everyday household activities. You turn on the faucet to wash your hands, dishes, and produce. You may go back to the tap to fill up a pot for cooking. Many people use their kitchen sink for drinking water, too. Given the central importance of tap water […]

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5 Surprising Ways Water Contributes to Wellness

You’ve likely grown up hearing you need to drink water, and maybe you just accepted that truth and never questioned why it’s so necessary. The fact is, we’re largely made up of H2O—around 60 percent of our body is water. We lose a lot of it every day, and we need to replenish those fluids […]

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5 Reasons to Test Your Sonoma County Water

  Water is a vital part of our well-being. It’s essential to understand where your water supply comes from and what measures are taken to ensure it is safe. Whether your home has city or well water, it’s essential to test your water for these five reasons.   Old Plumbing Infrastructure If you have city […]

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5 Benefits of Home Water Delivery

  With Culligan Water of Sonoma County, you can have constant access to healthy, high-quality water. We offer an easy, convenient way to bring better-tasting water directly into your home or office with our water delivery service. With over 70 years of industry leadership and experience, Culligan Water knows how to treat your water needs. […]

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