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Point-of-Use Filtration System

Point-of-Use Filtration System Quality & Convenience

Point-Of-Use Filtration SystemWhether for drinking or making great tasting coffee, a point-of-use filtration system from Culligan Water of Sonoma County will provide your office with an endless supply of quality hot and cold water.

A Culligan point-of-use filtration system offers the latest advantages in water treatment technology to treat your existing water supply and provide you with safe drinking water.

  • A near-endless supply of great tasting water
  • No heavy 5 gallon water bottles to lift or store
  • Save money every month
  • No fluctuating monthly bills
  • No water delivery surcharges
  • Simplified monthly billing
  • Eliminates water delivery people in your business
  • Professional cleaning and service to maintain water coolers and water filters
  • Reduces liability and delivery trucks
  • Systems include Culligan Water’s proprietary line of Aqua-Cleer water filters selected to treat your individual water treatment requirements

Did You Know?

  • The estimated decomposition rate is 1,000 years per plastic water bottle.
  • Americans buy over 30 billion single-serve water bottles each year.
  • It takes over 40 million gallons of oil to produce these bottles.


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