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Water Filtration Systems

Culligan offers a wide range of industrial water filtration technologies and water treatment services

Water Filtration SystemsIndustrial water filtration is used to improve water quality. Water filters work by eliminating turbidity from water, both colloidal as well as coarse, and absorbing unwanted odors, colors and tastes. Industrial water filtration can also help improve water quality by removing minerals from water (for example chlorine, iron, manganese, arsenic, etc.), filtering out organic water pollutants, and/or neutralizing water acidity.

Results can be attained through the use of a proper industrial water filtration system, especially when it is preceded by chemical conditioning and pre-oxidation systems. Filtration, through these processes, enables the removal of ammonia through nitrification.industrial water filtration

Although it may seem simple at first glance, water filtration is really a sophisticated water treatment process. Industrial water filtration, while not always easy to explain, is connected to biological and mechanical reactions, but does not always correlate with exact chemical reactions.

Culligan only uses materials that meet high industry standards in its line commercial filter vessels.

Culligan Water Treatment Products

Our line of industrial water filtration products offer revolutionary energy efficiency while at the same time reducing chemical consumption and costs. Our water filters can be customized for a huge variety of filtration applications. You can count on Culligan Water of Sonoma County’s water filtration products to provide superior results for all of your water treatment needs.

Culligan knows the consistent flow of high-quality water is vital for the successful continued operations of manufacturers. With one of the fastest timelines starting from design all the way to installation, Culligan Industrial Water stands out by delivering advanced industrial water filtration systems to all manufacturers valuing consistent production.

Using a Culligan Water system will improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process. The specialized design includes ways to reuse grey water for other areas of production, recycle water back to cooling towers, and even reclaim water used in regeneration with Culligan’s advanced Brine Reclaim technology.

On the industrial filters, the automatic cycles of service and backwash are regulated by a group of hydraulic diaphragm valves controlled by a pilot valve which is driven by an electronic logic programmer.


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