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HE Softener-Cleer® Water Conditioner

Let HE Softener-Cleer® Water Conditioner’s smart technology enhance your water filtration

HE Softener-Cleer® Water ConditionerThe all-in-one water softener and filtration system from HE Softener-Cleer® Water Conditioner uses Smart Technology to thoroughly reduce hardness and unwanted contaminants found in your Sonoma County home’s water.

Benefits of HE Softener-Cleer® Water Conditioner

  • Good conditions: The Softener-Cleer reduces water hardness and mineral buildup. It clears up any problematic water symptoms and leaves your water, your home and you in good condition.
  • Convenience: Experience a sense of ease with the ability to control your filter from anywhere in the house using remote display and let Automatic Service Notifications inform Culligan when your water needs special attention.
  • Awareness: Stay up to date on the water that’s running through your pipes. Softener-Cleer Conditioner Smart Technology detects any unusual levels of minerals, toxins or bacteria in your water and addresses the problem head-on.

HE Softener-Cleer® Water Conditioner Dialpad


HE Softener-Cleer® Water Conditioner Specs

  • Functionality: Easy-to-read backlit display indicates your filter is properly running and an optional modem can alert the Culligan team if your system needs servicing.
  • Quality drinking water: The Culligan Chlorine Generator conditions water with chlorine that reduces iron- and sulfur-reducing bacteria.
  • Durability: Motorized pistons in our exclusive, non-corrosive valve are more durable in problem water than traditional rotary valve systems.


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