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Drinking Water Systems

8 Glasses a Day is Only Good if Your Water is Too!

Culligan Water of Sonoma County brings clean, high-quality drinking water straight to the tap. Culligan’s drinking water systems eliminate a number of contaminants from your water, for more enjoyment and better health.

Drinking pure, clean water is essential to your health. That’s why nutritionists recommend drinking eight glasses or more every day. A reverse osmosis system from Culligan is an easy and intelligent way to ensure you and your loved ones are getting enough high-quality drinking water. Many families see their kids drink less sugary soda after getting great tasting Culligan water at home.

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Culligan Drinking Water Systems

  • Convenience: With Culligan, it is easy for your family to get delicious water.
  • Money Savings: Lower your grocery bill for bottled water after you experience just how great your drinking water tastes.
  • Great Tasting Food and Beverages: Better tasting and more flavorful coffee, tea, juices, and recipes.

Culligan Aqua Cleer 3 FiltersA reverse osmosis drinking water system is one of the most efficient ways to reduce impurities in water. What does reverse osmosis remove from water? Reverse osmosis removes unwanted particles such as lead and sodium. The main component in a Culligan drinking water system is a reverse osmosis filter membrane.

If you want your family to have clear, healthy and great-tasting water, then check out Culligan Water of Sonoma County’s line of reverse osmosis systems.

Our filters are designed to save space and feature designer faucets that easily mount to your sink. A limited lifetime warranty is also included with all of our reverse osmosis systems.

Culligan systems offer years of dependable service and are built for long life. The streamlined design and construction make filter changes a breeze. Culligan drinking water systems are installed by a professional and are only available through your Culligan dealer.


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