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Saltless Systems

If salt-less water systems really worked don’t you think Culligan would have them too? Water hardness is nothing more than calcium & lime dissolved in your water. Water hardness is a physical substance, just like water impurities in your drinking water. There is no magic wand you can wave and make them disappear. There are no magnets or electrical systems to wish away, hope away or pray away water impurities. If you read the fine print on these salt-free systems you will clearly see where it says *”Does NOT remove water hardness”. *The theory with these electric units is that somehow the dissolved rock (water hardness) is modified so that it will not stick or plug up your plumbing. Even if this was true this has nothing to do with all the reason homeowners look for a Culligan water softener. Softer hair, smoother skin, spot free dishes and greatly reduced dry skin are the real reason most people look for a water softener. All of these benefits cannot be attained by a magnet or electric water system. We do admit that the gimmick of a salt-free systems sound great, but eventually folks will realize that their water feels exactly the same as it did before. If you truly want soft water free of hard water minerals the only choice is a genuine Culligan water softener.

If you have any doubt we invite you to test the water yourself. Better yet grab a water sample from your neighbor, then get a sample from one of these salt-free water systems. We guarantee you that you will find no change from the two water samples. For over 75 years Culligan has been sticking with what really works, not gimmicks or hype. But if there is any doubt we encourage you to do a simple water test and see for yourself.